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The 2016 ODES Assailant: Built for True Utility

The 2016 ODES Assailant: Built for True Utility

Wow, 2016 has been a huge year for us! Last month we became a Full Line ODES UTV dealer. More updates will come shortly; the gist is that we are now committed to carrying a full line of ODES UTVS. That means that at all times, we will have at least one version of each model of ATV and UTV produced by ODES. Our first Full Line order included the 2016 ODES Assailant.

The Assailant has been out since 2015 but this is our first time carrying one in store. Right off the bat, the design and quality of this ATV is impressive. The 2016 ODES Assailant is a TRUE utility ATV packed with luxury features and is available at a great price. With a powerful motor, a proven clutch, and an industry leading warranty, this is a rig for everyone.


In 2015, ODES released their first ATV, the Assailant. The Assailant utilizes the same 800cc engine and CVTech clutch system as the UTVs in the ODES line. The Assailant comes equipped with off-road features like 4×4 capability and a locking differential.

ODES UTVS | Scooter's Powersports

In true ODES style, the Assailant comes loaded with accessories. The Assailant is a true utility-style ATV. It comes equipped with a 2500-lb winch, front and rear racks, and storage capabilities. With it’s included ball hitch, the Assailant is ready to get to work. The Assailant has a tow capacity of 1400-lbs.


Luxury features on the Assailant include side mirrors, handguards, and two person seating. The driver seat on the Assailant provides ample room for adjusting body weight. The passenger seat features a padded backrest and large foot rests on either side. Both seats feature a thick foam padding to reduce rider fatigue.

ODES UTVS | Scooter's Powersports

The entire 2016 lineup comes with a two-year factory warranty. Extended warranty options are available up to 48-months (including labor!).

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