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An ATV Christmas

I have to admit, I love Christmas. But I refuse to leave the house on black Friday or nearly any day after. After a few years of doing all of my shopping for Scott almost entirely online, I've gotten pretty good at picking out gifts that he'll actually use. (Seriously, you can't buy this man a tie.) This year, we knew we wanted to put together an ATV Christmas gift list, but we had a few stipulations. First, we wanted to have a broad range of gifts in every price range. Second, we wanted them to be items that we either own or are on our own Christmas lists. And finally, we wanted to pick gifts that anyone could buy for any ATV enthusiast. Every item that we've picked out this year can be purchased without any prior knowledge of the make or model of ATV. Got a wife, mother, or girlfriend who's pestering you about what you'd like this year? Send them here. We've created a list with items in four different price ranges, under $250, under $100, under $50, and under $25. Since the season is just getting started, we thought we'd publish our pricier list first. We'll be back next week with gift ideas under $50 and $25.

Under $100

Xena Disk-Lock Alarm

Xena's entry level disk-lock, the X1, is a great option for keeping your ATV secure but if you’re looking to splurge a little, the Xena XZZ6L has a larger double locking pin than the X1 and a 120dB shock and motion sensor alarm. With all of these additional features, you'd think you'd really want to make sure you keep this thing locked. That's what Xena thought too, so they made the XZZ6L self-arming. As long as you can remember to throw this on your bike, it will lock itself within 15 seconds. Since all of the Xena disk locks are freeze spray proof and corrosion resistant, this is one investment that will be around for a long time. If you’re looking for other types of alarms, Xena also makes independent zone alarms that would be great for securing a shop or garage.

ATV Christmas


Under $250

Antigravity Micro-Start Battery

From the moment we saw the Micro-Start, we knew we had to have it. This lithium ion battery is small enough to fit in your back pocket but lasts for multiple jumpstarts. Our favorite perk? You can use the same battery to jumpstart your ATV, car, truck, whatever AND it’s capable of charging phones, tablets, and even laptops. Antigravity makes two versions of the Micro-Start battery, the XP-1 and the XP-3. The XP-3 is the basic model and is priced at $129.99. AT $159.99, the XP-1 includes 19v and 12v ports, as well as 18 adapter tips for common mobile devices and a slick leather case.

ATV Christmas

Battery Tender

Our two bank battery tender is one of the best investments we have made for our ATVs. We talked about it in our post on ATV Battery Types and Maintenance, which to this day is still the most viewed post on our site. Before we got our battery tender, we were always missing out on opportunities to go ride. It seems like we tend to ride in phases, sometimes we’re always out, and other times we go for long (and sad) stretches where we’re not riding much. Our battery tender helps us out by keeping our batteries good to go whenever we are. We recommend them to everyone. Absolutely everyone.  ATV Christmas  

Both the Camelbak Ambush and Mil Tac H.A.W.G. are well under $250

Scott and I both wear Camelbaks regularly when we ride. Not only are they great for staying hydrated, but we both use ours to carry a first aid kit and snacks when we’re on the trail. Since ours are the smaller packs (like the Ambush), I like to wear mine when I run sometimes too. It’s a great way to have water with you and some essentials like keys and a cellphone.

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, the Mil Tac H.A.W.G. has a ton of incredibly well laid out storage. These would be great for longer trail rides or camping.

ATV Christmas          ATV Christmas

That wraps up our list of splurge items. We'll be back next week with last minute gift and stocking stuffer ideas all under $50.

UPDATE: We've published Part Two of our ATV Christmas List for 2013.

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