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We're Back!

It has been exactly one month since we've posted anything to our website. We know we have some loyal readers out there (and we've even picked up some new ones!) so we really do owe you an explanation.

Following our last post about winterizing, we (Beth, or I) had a scheduled surgery. While we had some posts planned to be published during my recovery period, it turns out that surgery is harder to plan for than we anticipated. Especially when you’re trying to recover and run a website around the holidays! Once we were sure I was back on my feet (really, I’m 150% better than before), we were excited to jump back into our projects. Unfortunately around the time things started to feel normal again, our site got hit with a nasty little bug and we've been working ever since to get things back up and running. So here’s what you missed!

In October before our site went down, we were in the midst of negotiating out a lease on a retail space. We've since moved in and open the doors on Scooter’s Scooters – (the store, not the blog). A page dedicated to the store is in the works as are about a million back end maintenance issues that need to be addressed (some of our photos may be missing and I’m still trying to track them down one by one). Now that the website is back up, we have a lot of catching up to do. For one thing, we want to get a page up specifically for our retail space. And we can’t wait to show you the shop we’re working out of now. We have a TON of projects coming up and some pretty cool research oriented posts that we dreamed up while I was still recovering. Whether you've stuck around since the beginning or it’s your first time here, thanks a million. We have a lot planned for both the website and our retail space. 2014 is going to interesting…

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