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The Parts Every ODES Dealer Should Have on Hand

ODES Industries recently released to their dealers several new documents for 2018. One of these documents is a list of common parts and a suggested number of quantity to carry on hand.
It’s worth noting that at the moment, dealers are NOT required to keep any parts on hand. The list is a suggestion, not a rule. We've mentioned before that when a dealer does not carry common parts on hand, you should view that as a red flag.
We're not going to release the document published by ODES. There are several reasons for not doing so. But the important one is that it's not a very big list. It's a great jumping off point for dealers that are getting started. But for the ones who like to brag about how long they've been in business (you know the type), the list is not big enough.
Since anyone can say, "yep we have parts," we thought it might be nice to let you know WHICH parts are important to ask about.
What parts should an end user (you) ask about before buying a UTV? Well here's our recommendation...

Routine Maintenance Supplies

Common Wear Items

Oh-$%@! Items

These are the kind of parts that shouldn't give you trouble, but if they do, you want to know your dealer has them in stock. Whenever we sell to another dealer, it is usually a warranty part. Either the customer or the dealer doesn't want to wait to get it from ODES. The following parts are common and affordable. And there is no reason your dealer shouldn't stock them.

Misc Hardware

  • A variety of push-pins
  • A variety of bolts and screws
  • Oil seals
  • Dust seals
*Disclaimer: Everyone runs out now and again. We're not saying that any dealer that has a temporary shortage is awful. But no dealer worth their salt will have an empty parts department.


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