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The ODES Electric Dump Bed

One of our favorite features on the Odes Dominator is the electric dump bed. On most UTVs, an electric dump is a luxury item. Lucky for us, it comes standard on the Dominator. Since most people aren't used to this option, we get a lot of questions about it. This week, we answer our two most common questions about the electric dump function on the Dominator. Bonus: Unsolicited advice on how to care for the electric motor AND a helpful tip for getting your sweetie on board with purchasing a side by side.


What’s the weight rating on the dump bed?

There’s two different ways to answer this question. So far, we haven’t found a finite maximum on what the bed can carry. Most of our customers use their Dominators for farm work; i.e., lots of sprayers, fire wood, some gravel, and dirt. When it comes to the electric dump function, the motor is rated at 330-lbs. So while the bed can carry just about anything you can fit in it, you’ll want to keep an eye on any load where you might want to use the electric dump function.

Is there a way to dump the bed manually?

Yes, but not easily. The bed attaches to an electric lift. This lift is held in place by a rod and pin. To lift the bed manually, you’ll need to remove this hardware.  If you think that you’ll use a manual lift more often than not, we suggest removing the electric dump motor right off the bat. Manual and electric dump is not something you’ll want to switch back and forth between on a regular basis. If you find yourself wanting the use of the manual dump exclusively, it may be worth it to install a manual dump conversion kit. If you like the idea of using the electric dump function exclusively but are concerned about having the ability to dump a load without power, you can always remove the pin and lift the bed manually.


Do you have any other tips?

Not a single person has ever asked us this question. We just wanted to throw out some unsolicited advice. When lowering the electric dump, don’t hold the button all the way down. That is, when the motor stops, let off the switch. Holding the switch down when the bed has already lowered is a good way to cause problems down the line. If the bed is lowered too far, the motor will place unnecessary tension on the hardware. It's not that the hardware can't handle the pressure - that pin will be just fine - it's that when the motor is pulling down on the bed, the added tension makes it very difficult to remove the pin should you need to manually lift the bed. We recommend that you lower the bed until it’s level, then give the switch that raises the bed a tap. This will ensure that the lift doesn't add any unnecessary tension on the hardware, allowing the pin to be easily removed should you need to lift the bed manually. Also, the dump bed is great for moving outdoor couch cushions. So if you’re trying to convince that special someone that you need a Dominator, budgeting for patio furniture might just be the way to go… The Odes Electric Dump Bed
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