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Anatomy of an ATV: Starter Solenoid

Systems: Electrical

Commonly Located: The starter solenoid is located along the wiring harness and generally within close proximity of the battery. The solenoid can often be found under the rear fender.

Physical Description: Starter solenoids come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s not uncommon to see round or square solenoids. The lower half is often gold or silver in color, although this may not be noticeable at first. Often the solenoid has a rubber cap to cover and protect the body. This cap is almost always black.

Starter Solenoid

Function: The starter solenoid controls a high amperage flow from the battery to the starter with a low amperage switch.

Maintenance Costs: The ATV starter solenoid is a common wear item; therefore, it is not recommended to purchase a used solenoid as a replacement. Fortunately, the solenoid is relatively inexpensive.

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