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Anatomy of an ATV: Wheel Bearings

July 15, 2015

System Drive Commonly Located On an independent suspension, wheel bearings are located inside the spindle or steering knuckle. Each steering knuckle connects the wheel hub to the upper and lower A-Arms, with the CV shaft passing through the bearings inside the knuckle and into the wheel hub. On units with...

Anatomy of an ATV: Brake Caliper

July 14, 2015

When the brakes are applied (either by hand or foot brake), brake fluid is pushed from the master cylinder to the caliper piston.

Anatomy of an ATV: Starter Recoil

May 05, 2014

System Engine Commonly Located The starter recoil assembly is present on any engine with a pull start mechanism. This includes some ATVs, go-karts, lawn mowers, weed eaters, and many others. It is located at on the lower half of the engine. Whether the starter recoil is on the left or...

Anatomy of an ATV: Drive Belt

April 14, 2014

Systems: Drive Commonly Located: Drive belts are present only on ATVs and UTVs with an automatic transmission. The drive belt is located behind the crankcase cover and in between the primary drive clutch and the driven clutch. Note that in older service manuals the clutches may be referred to as...