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Anatomy of an ATV: Tie Rod End

Systems: Steering

Commonly Located: The tie rod end is located on the end of the steering stem and at each spindle.

Physical Description: Tie rod ends will vary in size depending on the ATV. They are normally an L shape with male threads on a moveable ball socket. The other end will vary from being either a solid male thread or a female end. The ends are connected by a rod, which adjusts the toe setting. The ends of the rod will have threads running in opposite directions; one will be clockwise and the other will be counter-clockwise. Tie rod ends are threaded differently as well. The threading depends on whether they are for the right or the left side of the ATV.

Tie Rod Ends

Function: The tie rod ends allow the suspension to flex independently while simultaneously allowing the rider to steer.

Maintenance Costs: The ATV tie rod end is a common wear item; therefore, it is not recommended to purchase them used. Fortunately, the tie rod is relatively inexpensive.

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