How to Destroy a Drive Belt in Three Easy Steps

May 17, 2017

We discuss drive belt maintenance with every customer on every new UTV we sell. But 3 out of 10 still ruin their belt in the first few days. So we're trying some reverse psychology.

How to Check Battery Voltage with a Cheap Multimeter

May 10, 2017

You can easily check the voltage on your UTV battery with any cheap multimeter. The voltage reading can give you insight into the health of your UTV battery.

Keep Your Youth ATV New with Ten Easy Tips

May 03, 2017

Kids are hard on ATVs. Keep your new investment in the best shape possible with these ten easy tips. Bonus Challenge: Get them involved!

Five Surprising Ways Having a Baby is Like Starting a Small Business

April 26, 2017

Having a baby is a lot like starting a small business. You might be surprised just how much these two life changing events have in common.