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It's Not a Job. It's a Lifestyle.

ODES UTVS | Scooter's Powersports

We like ATVs. A lot. We started this blog back in 2013 with the goal of getting to ride together more. That worked great for awhile. But our projects started to get out of hand...

We took $6000 out of savings to buy a shed to store our toys. We spent a whole day driving around pricing buildings. In the car, we started talking about how to get more traffic to our blog. And about the issues we were having with getting parts and tools. The next day we signed a lease on our first building and prepared to open Scooter's Scooters the next month. We never bought that shed and we still can't park in our garage.

ODES UTVS | Scooter's Powersports


In the years since opening our retail business, we've:

ODES UTVS | Scooter's Powersports


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