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Parts for ODES

I am confused by a part number or name...Our OEM data comes directly from ODES Industries. Unfortunately, the way ODES has chosen to organize their data means that sometimes a single part is listed in multiple locations and under different names. Whenever possible, we pick a single name to avoid confusion. If you click a link in a part diagram and are taken to a product with a different name, do not panic. We will ALWAYS list the OEM part number with the diagram and the product. (The "123456789" part) As long as the OEM part numbers are the same, you're golden. If you're still confused, feel free to send us a direct message. We'll be more than happy to select the correct parts based on your needs.
I can't find the part that I'm looking for...We're happy to help find any part you need. Feel free to contact us using the messenger icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.
Can you send warranty parts to me our my dealer?We cannot provide warranty parts for units that we have not evaluated. If you have an issue that you believe to be covered by warranty, we will be happy to schedule an inspection at our shop in St. Joseph, Missouri. Remember that your dealer is permitted to purchase the parts needed, and then keep the warranty parts as stock once they arrive.
Do you offer a discount to ODES dealers?All of our OEM ODES parts are currently sold below MSRP. We do offer additional discounts to anyone who signs up for our Professional Tech Support Plan; however, space is limited. Remember, ODES dealers are permitted to purchase replacement parts and then keep warranty items as stock when they arrive.
Can you provide part numbers for aftermarket parts?All aftermarket parts listed on our site have been tested and are guaranteed to fit. This is a trial and error process and it is very expensive. For that reason, we do not provide part numbers for aftermarket parts.

New and Used ATVs and UTVs

I want to buy a vehicle on your site but I can't figure out how to add it to my cart.To purchase any ATV or UTV, please visit us in person or send us a direct message through the icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen. We will be happy to assist you and email you an invoice for your ATV or UTV.
Can I get a discount if I assemble an ATV or a UTV myself?All motor vehicles are assembled and inspected by our staff prior to sale. We do not sell or ship crated and/or unassembled units. Please be aware that ODES Industries does not allow their dealer to sell crated and unassembled vehicles. Units which are sold in a crated and unassembled condition are not eligible for warranty coverage. If you know of a dealer who is selling units crated and/or unassembled, please report them to ODES.


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