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How to Replace the Actuator on an ODES UTV

This is not a diagnostic guide this is a when you are replacing the actuator. This will go for all makes and models that have a front differential actuator for the 4x4 engagement. Odes, hisun, cfmoto, Massimo, bms, yahama to name a few.
First raise the front end off the ground and support it with Jack stands.
Next remove your old actuator if it is not off already.
Now plug in you new actuator, turn the key to run position, make sure your 4x4
switch is in the 2wd position. This will assure that your actuator is in the 2wd position. If you want to see it move push 4x4 and it should turn the gear but make sure to put it back in 2wd and let it stop moving before you turn the key off.
Now that you have the actuator in 2wd we need to make sure the differential is in 2wd. You will need to reach in the hole that the actuator goes in. There will be a flat toothed gear. Slide it all the way to the drivers side. Now try to turn the wheels they should both turn free and not turn the drive shaft or the other tire. If you are to slide it to the opposite side both tire should be locked together if your unit is in neutral then you should be able to spin them but they will both spin the same direction and spin the driveshaft. If you where to install your actuator at this position it will break your new actuator when you try to engage your 4x4.


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