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Odes clutch shims

Ok there is lots of question and confusion about the secondary clutch shim and what one is needed or not needed or…… So I am going to try to end this.

If you have this primary clutch 

you do not need a shim in your secondary. You need to look at the primary. All 1000 odes after 2017 came with this clutch but that does not mean that if you have one that it has not been replaced with the non bearing one. So to recap if you have a bearing you need no shim. If you have a no bearing and are running a stock CV Tech belt then you need 1 factory shim. If you are running no bearing and want to run an aftermarket belt like the daco, gate, and ultimax then you will need to adjust the shiming. 

Ok now to the meat and potatoes. You will need a tool or to make a tool. This will be used to compress the spring so you can remove the snap ring and release the spring pressure. 


These are at this time about 40 to buy one so pretty cheap to have no hassle of cutting and drilling. The one I have in my photos it a bit better made and a bit more expensive. Around 100 bucks but I use it quite a bit so it was worthwhile for me. 
Ok in to the tool and compress a bit to remove the snap ring.

after that then release the spring now you will see the reason for the long thread.

After you get the spring out you will need to pull the ramps and stops. 

there is an Allen head bold they are loctighted in so they are hard to pop and hard all the way out. When you get them loose you will need to work them out. You will have to move the the rollers forward to the ramp side compress the clutch and remove the stop first.  

Hard to see it the photos but you should see it. Next turn the clutch so the roller so it lines up with the hole in the inner half and pull them apart. Now you can remove the factory shim. 

remove the factory shim. I missed the photo op on taking it out (I was doing this about 2am trying to get it back out before I left for 2 week on military duties) but this shows you where the shims go and the one that we provide if you need them.

Now to put it back together. Make sure the alignment marks are there and reverse everything you just did. 


So the last thing on these make sure you get the spring in the seat of the plastic end cap and the snap ring on before you tighten it down (ask me how I know).


Ok last thing for real this time make sure the snap ring is seated in the grove on the end cap.

Ok shameless plug, the belt and shim kits are available for purchase on our web site under common use parts and performance upgrades. The belt has an option to add the shims at a discount just fyi.

Also if you need help getting to the belt check out my u tube videos









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