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Voltage Regulator Relocation

Before you start, unhook the battery.

This is just a precaution, but we recommend you unhook your battery whenever you're working on your electrical system. Unless you like arc-ing your wrench. 

Locate and remove the voltage regulator.

It should be secured with two bolts with nuts. Once removed, unhook the two plugs. One plug has three wires, the other has two. Unplug them both.

Locate and re-route the stator wire.

The stator wire plug is under the engine cover on the driver's side. It will be plugged in right above the clutch cover. The wires could be black, yellow, or red. The connector will be black or gray.

Move the stator wire to the passenger side of the unit. It is routed across the motor, and we need to move it back to the passenger side. In the photo below, you can see where it comes out of the engine on the passenger side. 

Now bring the stator wire under the passenger seat as shown in the photo below.

Mount the voltage regulator. 

There are two places to mount the regulator: the backside of the seat footwell or the firewall. This time I used the fire wall but the photos below will show you both places. If you choose the footwell, I recommend using the Mosfet regulator they run cooler and seem to last longer

Just place the voltage regulator where you would like to mount it, mark the holes, and drill them with an 8mm or 5/16" bit.

Run the ground wire of the new harness to the engine ground.

It will be somewhere on the stator cover. They are not always in the same spot but I do recommend cleaning the bolt and case where you install it.

Route the positive (red) wire. 

Now route the positive wire through the hole and under the dash. Make sure to keep it as far away from the exhaust as possible. Tie the wire up and out of the way. We don't want it falling into moving items. Like your driveshaft. 

Hook the positive wire back to the battery.

While you're doing this, make sure you look at your wire harness and battery cables for melted wires like in the photo below. When we pulled this, we found it goes back to a connector that has FIVE other grounds on it. These are the things that will cause you some major draws and funky issues. 

Finishing up, you can pull or cut off the three wire plug on the stator and the regulator side. They will not have power to them.

Now the 2 wire connector that was plugged in to the regulator will have power to it. You can tie it back or cut it off and heat shrink as in the photo below. 


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