Battery Tender Quick Connect

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$ 6.99
$ 4.99
This set of Quick Connects for your Battery Tender is a lifesaver. Leave it wired to your battery terminal for a quick plug in option when you're done riding. Ready to go again? Just unplug and be on your way.
  • This charging station from Deltran will operate anywhere in the world due to its voltage range of 100-240V
  • The four independent charging stations feature 12V-1.25A per station
  • Also features microprocessor-controlled constant-current charging, reverse polarity protection and is spark-proof
  • Perfect for all AGM (Absorbed Glass Matte), gel, sealed maintenance-free and flooded batteries

At Scooter's Powersports, we are huge fans of Battery Tender chargers and maintainers by DelTran. Placing your ATV or UTV on a battery maintainer is the number one way to ensure a long battery life. That means more money in your pocket and more time to ride. Check out all of the times we've featured Battery Tender on our blog.