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ODES Oil Change Kit for 800 and 1000 Engines

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$ 55.99
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ODES Industries recommends an engine oil change at 25-hours of run time or 1000 miles. (We won’t tell if you turn that down to once every 50-hours or 1500 miles.) This kit includes oil and a filter so you can get back on the road.

Pro-Tip: Order two kits so prepared when the next service sneaks up on you.

ODES Oil Change Kit Includes

  • Your Preferred Engine Oil
    Includes enough for a complete engine oil change (1000 needs .1 qt more please add a qt if you do not have a spare)
  • 1 Performance Oil Filter
  • OPTIONAL: 1 Replacement Oil Filter O-Ring (+$1.50)

What type of oil should I run in my ODES?

ODES Industries recommends all 2015 and newer machines run Royal Purple, but that’s entirely up to you. Included below are the three most popular engine oil options for ODES 800 and 1000 side-by-sides.

NOTE: Once you start with a synthetic, we recommend you stay with a synthetic.

Maxima SXS Premium 10W40

A performance synthetic blend engine oil. Formulated for side-by-side engines, this engine oil performes well at all temperatures and improves power output. Maxima SXS ODES Oil Change Kit includes 2-Liters.

Castrol Actevo X-Tra 10W40

A fan favorite in our shop. This synthetic blend is affordable and easy to find. Recommended for older machines that have never used full synthetic engine oil. Castrol ODES Oil Change Kit includes 2-Quarts.