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Exciting Finds at AIMExpo 2014

Exciting Finds at AIMExpo 2014

Last week we attended the AIMExpo in Orlando, Florida. If you’ve never heard of this show, the American International Motorcycle Expo is where many of the top power sports vehicle and accessory manufacturers gather to show off the newest products. There are new product lines, vehicle demos, and lots and lots of swag. (Seriously, I think we took home about 20 coozeys.)

After walking around for two days and visiting over 500 booths, we’ve narrowed down our most exciting finds.



Of course, we were probably most excited to finally meet the guys from KFI Products. It was great to put a name to a face. They gave us some great winch tips and we talked blade mounts for awhile. One of the things that we love about KFI is that if they really go out of their way to make sure there is a solution for just about every application out there.

We also got to check out the Tiger Tail while we were there – more on that coming soon!

AIMExpo | Scooter's Powersports

And we had to include this photo of their 60″ tapered blade on a 900 Ranger Crew. The enclosure is by Wide Open Company.

AIMExpo | Scooter's Powersports



At around $650 per set, these babies aren’t exactly cheap. But it’s hard to put a value on adding traction AND floatation. J-wheelz add traction at a significant savings to traditional methods and the lightweight material can add up to 310lbs of floatation to a stock vehicle. This additional floatation aids in riding through deep water and mud. The booth demo showed us just how easy it was to install and remove J-wheelz. We were impressed by the simple design that keeps the J-wheelz out of the way and extends their lifespan. Given our tendency to get muddy, we like the idea of trying J-wheelz out this spring.

AIMExpo | Scooter's Powersports



Strider bikes are a light weight, all-terrain bike specifically designed to improve balance. Most children start on Strider bikes at the age of two, but the design is so well thought out that Strider manufactures two larger bikes which are ideal for all ages and abilities. We didn’t get to meet inventory Ryan McFarland, but we did get to meet with his parents. From the few minutes we got to spend with them, we could see that these are generous people who truly want to make a difference. Strider is committed to donate one percent of the gross profits toward non-profit organizations focused on the health and wellbeing of children.

AIMExpo | Scooter's Powersports

If you’re looking for a way to get your little one started riding, we’d recommend Strider. And while you’re looking into it, check out the Strider World Championships. It might just be the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.



Since we’re looking to expand our side by side inventory in the next year, we’ve been reading up on several OE vehicle manufacturers. While there were lots of great new side by sides at the show, one that really stuck with us was the 2015 lineup from Hisun. We got to see the Sector 1000, Strike 1000, and Strike 250 up close and personal and even met with the man who designed the Sector 1000 (shown below). With all new body styles and a slew of innovative features set to debut next month, we’re anxiously awaiting the first time we can get out and play with Hisun.

AIMExpo | Scooter's Powersports



We first saw the Quadski on an episode of Top Gear a few years ago and we’ve always thought it was a fascinating concept. Part ATV, part jetski, the Quadski is an impressive piece of machinery. The massive 1300cc engine from BMW is capable of moving the Quadski along at 45mph on both water and land. When you drive out into the water, the wheels retract with a push of a button and you’re good to go.

In our neck of the woods, the Quadski is probably a bit excessive for the everyday rider but it’s still fun to think about. Check out the video below for an inside look at the Top Gear episode featuring the Quadski.


While the first two days of the Expo is open to dealers only, the final three days are available to the public. If you get a chance to attend next year’s show, we highly recommend it. Getting to see the new product lines up close and personal was awesome and the ability to meet with some of the designers and engineers was icing on the cake. Oh, and sunny Florida wasn’t so bad either. 😉

The 2015 dates for AIMExpo have already been announced.

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