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🎃 October Updates

🎃 October Updates

Sound Proofing Kits are here! Possibly the biggest news of the month, we've added a new product that will allow you to quickly and easily install sound proof matting in your ODES UTV. 

We've added new items to the Rummage Sale. Most of these items are old stock from us and other ODES dealers.

Updates to ODES Knowledge Base make it easier to find what you're looking for. Keep those suggestions coming!

We added a new FAQ post about Safety Sensor Checks on your ODES. It's one of the first steps in troubleshooting a no-start.

The Air Filter Relocation Kit Directions are now available in the ODES Knowledge Base. Printing the internet is so 2005.

We've corrected the listing for the Boyesen Supercooler. Thanks for pointing it out! We're taking all of your ideas and suggestions to heart. Keep the feedback coming.

Other than some boring back end things to improve site speed, that's October. Play outside, stay safe, and try not to get spooked by gas prices. 👻 


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