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An ATV Christmas | Part 2

Last week's Christmas list was fun, but I think we were actually more excited to put together a list of inexpensive items. In the last few years, our "thing" has been to keep our shopping for each other within a pretty tight $50 budget. We feel like it keeps us more creative and makes us mull over our purchases a little more. Since we're limited to $50 each, we have to make sure that the gifts we choose is something the other one will really love or find useful. We applied that same principle when picking items for the second  half of our ATV Christmas List. Everything on this list is under $50, something we already own or is on our own Christmas wish lists, and can be purchased by anyone without any prior knowledge of ATV make or model. Enjoy!

Under $25

Wolfsnout ATV Dust Mask

I have to tell you, we have been eyeing Wolfsnout dust masks for awhile now. Covering your nose and mouth, this dust mask was made to fit under your full face helmet and with goggles. While you can use goggles you already own, Wolfsnout does have some pretty sweet looking goggles of their own that are designed to fit perfectly with their dust mask. One of out favorite features is that Wolfsnout designed their mask so you can still use a hydration pack without removing your helmet or the mask. The Wolfsnout masks have gotten such great reviews that they are being used by US Military flight crews in Kuwait during dust storms. And it's not just the military. Landscapers and farmers have found the Wolfsnout useful too. Personally, we're looking forward to a trip down south to play in the sand dunes. ATV Christmas

SafetySeal ATV Tire Repair Kit

If you're looking to spend under $25, this SafetySeal kit is a bargain. Scott uses SafetySeal tire repair kits at work (they're the preferred tire repair kit of the US Army) and they are the only repair kits we use at home. We like the SafetySeal ATV kits because it comes with the smaller style insertion tool and the shorter repairs, which is great for making this a compact kit for stowing in a go-bag. Bonus: If you're willing to spend just a smidge over $25 (95¢ to be exact), SafetySeal also makes an ATV tire repair kit that comes with a CO2 inflator.

ATV Christmas


ProSoap Hand Cleaner

ProSoap is our absolute favorite hand cleaner. It’s an eco-friendly cleaner that actually gets your hands clean without drying them out. While it does contain little scrubbers, there is no pumice, which means you don’t have to worry about it clogging the drain. Our favorite part? The scent. No overpowering orange smell here - the ProSoap scent is light and clean. Since a little goes such a long ways, this stuff lasts forever. You can pick-up a half pound tub on Amazon for around $15 - that’s 800 hand washings! We're pretty good at getting dirty and this stuff still lasts us over a year.

ATV Christmas

Colored Nerf Bar Nets

Ok so, while nerf bars are a safety feature that we recommend to all riders, colored nets are just fun. AC Racing is an All-American company that carries nerf bar nets in ten different colors. The list of compatible nerf bars is endless, so if your nets are beat to a pulp or you could just use a splash of color, check out the nets offered by AC Racing.

ATV Christmas

Disclaimer: AC Racing carries nets compatible with a huge selection of nerf bars. You’ll want to have some basic information about your model. Also, MOST of the nets were listed at under $25 but there were a few that were as high as $28.  

Under $50

Clymer Manual

Clymer manuals are insanely easy to read. Whether you’ve been turning wrenches for a day or a year, you’ll find a Clymer manual useful and easy to read. We love Clymer Manuals so much that not only did we give one away earlier this year, but we wrote a run down on what you can expect to find in each manual. At around $35, these manuals can pay for themselves pretty quickly. Not the book reading type? Don’t worry, Clymer also publishes digital copies of their manuals. Clymer Manuals


We talked about Lockstraps a few weeks ago when we were researching ATV security solutions. If you’re looking to secure an ATV to a trailer or a truck bed, there’s no option better than Lockstraps. With a steel cable running the length of the strap, Lockstraps are nearly impossible to cut through. Our favorite feature? Each end of the strap has a carabiner with a built in combination lock. This means that once the strap is secured to your trailer or truck bed, there is no way that it’s coming loose. We also love the idea of using Lockstraps to secure coolers and fuel cans. Because this is a security solution that is so open ended, the possibilities are infinite. And at around $30, that's a lot of security options for your money.  

ATV Christmas

  And that concludes our 2013 ATV Christmas gift guide. If you missed part one, you can read about our pricier gift ideas here. Now we're off to get our shopping done ridiculously early - there's no way we're leaving the house on Black Friday.
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