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ODES UTVS Debuts New Limited Slip Differential

In 2017, ODES UTVS replaced the standard rear differential in the Long-Travel units. The new UTVS now feature an upgraded, open differential. Here’s what you need to know:

The difference between the new open differential and the standard closed differential

When in the open position, the open differential will only apply power to one wheel. This is sometimes referred to as “limited slip.” The closed differential will apply power to both wheels at the same time. This is sometimes referred to as “posi-trac.”

The open differential allows for sharper turns with less stress on the driveline.

The 2017 Long Travel units from ODES UTVS will use less horsepower during turns. This means less stress on the driveline, which equates to lower maintenance costs. Additionally, if you use your UTV around the house, you won’t have to worry about tearing up the grass.

ODES UTVS | Scooter's Powersports

On the four-door machine, the decrease in turning radius will be even more noticeable. We pull these machines in and out of the shop on a regular basis. We can say that it’s made driving much more enjoyable.

The new model is still a locking differential.

For the times when you don’t need four wheel drive, but you’d like a little extra traction. Here's an example. Four wheel drive would be overkill when driving on wet grass. Lock the differential and gain the extra traction without creating all the ruts.

The newer, open differential is only found on the 2017 Long Travel units.

Standard travel units and models earlier than 2017 will not be able to upgrade. There’s no word yet on when or/if this option will be available in the future. If this changes, we’ll be sure to let you know.

The standard differential and the open differential do not look the same.

You can spot the difference in a unit with the newer, open differential with a quick glance. Here’s a photo of the two differentials side-by-side.

ODES UTVS | Scooter's Powersports

The photo on the left shows the newer, open differential. The photo on the right shows the standard differential on all ODES UTVS before 2017.

We’re very happy to see the new open differential. The ability to drive over grass without tearing it up gives us even more ways to use our machine. It’s also been on the wish list of several of our regular customers - and we’re happy when they’re happy. If you won’t be using your UTV on well manicured grass, we still recommend the open differential. The turning radius alone makes the UTV a more enjoyable drive.

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